Gamis 150000 Terkini 2018

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Daftar Gamis 150000 - Info Gamis 150000 khususnya Mini Home Laser Epilator Depilador Wajah Rambut Permanen RemovalDevice Laser Mesin 150000 Kali Pulsa Lampu # Putih-Intl yang ulang trend waktu ini. Kali ini kita bahas mengenai Gamis 150000 beserta daftar harga Gamis 150000 terbaru. Produk Gamis 150000 kali ini berasal dari Lazada, mengapa kita mengulas dari situs berikut karena sebenarnya udah dipercaya dan sedia kan Gamis 150000 bersama dengan harga murah.

Gamis 150000 Terkini 2018

Gamis 150000

Nama Produk : Mini Home Laser Epilator Depilador Wajah Rambut Permanen RemovalDevice Laser Mesin 150000 Kali Pulsa Lampu # Putih-Intl

Harga : Rp 2.125.920

Diskon : 33%

Harga Saat Ini : Rp 1.417.280

Toko : Lazada

Product details of Mini Home Laser Epilator Depilador Facial Permanent Hair RemovalDevice Laser Machine 150000 Times Pulses Lamp # white

Hair Removal: 150000 times
Product Specifications
Lamp: xenon quartz tube
Light source: pulsed light
Energy frequency: 1.5-3.9J / cm2
Focus size: 33mm * 10mm
Wavelength: 470nm ~ 1100nm
Lighting life: 150000 times
Adapter Specifications: AC100V ~ 240V @ 12V DC 3A
Weight: 180g
Operating temperature range: 5 ~ 30
Working humidity range: relative humidity 30% to 60%
Scope of application:
Lips,Armpit hair,Limbs,Forehead hairline and other affect thebeautiful hair;
Painless hair removal for black hair and dark hair

What it is:
The is the new breakthrough in permanent hair removal. It usesinnovative Home Pulse Light (HPL) technology to help safely andeffectively provide long-term hair removal results. The has beenproven to help deliver clinical results in the comfort of your ownhome. HPL technology uses light energy that directs light pulses tothe root of the hair, helping to permanently disable hair growthafter a series of treatments. This device is designed with twotreatment modes: Pulsing for small areas, and Gliding to help treatlarge areas of the body. The enables various energy levels toaccommodate a wider range of skin types and hair colours. Thesystem is pre-loaded with 150,000 pulses, which is enough tocomplete treatment sessions on the entire body, resulting in smoothhair-free skin!

Who it is for:
Light-based hair removal is not suitable for use on a naturallydark skin tone.

operates with lower energy levels, making it suitable to help treata wider range of skin tones, including some darker ones. Only thedarkest skin tone cannot be safely treated with . The device comeswith a built-in skin tone sensor designed to enable applicationonly on suitable skin complexions. This unique safety feature willnot let you treat skin that is too dark or too tanned. works beston darker hair colours or hair that contains more melanin, which isthe pigment that gives hair its colour. Red, white, grey and blondmay show some response to hair removal, but may require moretreatments to achieve full results. 

What it does:
The offers a 150,000 pulse design, which helps you to carry outenough treatments to help complete full-body, permanent hairremoval. The system is dermatologist recommended and is designed totreat both small and large areas of the body. It comes equippedwith adjustable energy levels (lower energy levels for darker skintones and higher energy levels for fair to medium skin tones) andfeatures a built-in skin colour sensor for your safety. The is easyto use and delivers pain-free results. It is also portable, lightweight and small enough to fit in your hand for an effortlessexperience.


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